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Application of our large waste bins

Absolutely hygienic, stable and cost-efficient

  • The MGB with spherical base represents hygienic waste disposal of residual and organic waste as well as food waste
  • The dustbins are optimised for side loaders
  • Cost benefits for councils and municipalities as well as private waste management companies
  • Absolutely low-noise, serially only 89 dB in accordance with EU outdoor noise directive 2000/14 EC at the MGB 120-KB and 91 dB at the MGB 240-KB
  • High operational safety
  • Improved bin handling
  • Dustbins with spherical base are extremely robust and durable
  • The MGB with spherical base is suitable for rear and side loader insert and compatible with DIN comb and clamp holders (grabbers).


  • Dustbin
  • Waste bin
  • Garbage bin
  • Garbage container