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Application of our UN-BOXX aero

Containers for empty and partially empty aerosols.


  • Admissible as packaging in accordance with packing instruction P207 according to special provisions for packaging PP 87 – the special provisions: 327, 625, 190 and 344 must be observed.
  • Additional equipment: Means for absorbing free liquids that may be released in transport.
  • Approved for transport according to ADR
  • Hazardous materials bin
  • Aerosol bin
  • Containers for hazardous materials
  • UN approved hazardous material container
  • UN1950 - for UN-BOXX aero; waste aerosols
  • Additionally, the bin can also be used to collect goods in accordance with UN3175 (e.g. of paint cans). However, this is only permitted in connection with a firm, absorbent fabric (e.g. fleece) and tightly closed bags.