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Application of our UN-BOXX

Containers for solid hazardous materials.


  • Admissible as packaging in accordance with packing instruction P002 and derived for solid hazardous materials of packaging groups I, II and III. Additional equipment: none
  • UN approval no.: 1H2W/X.../S../../.../TGM-....
  • Approved for transport according to ADR
  • Diverse uses, such as:
    • Bins for materials (paint residues, waste, etc.)
    • Containers and transport bins for used cleaning rags and wipes from various uses
    • Bins for flammable materials and those harmful to the environment
    • Binders for oil and chemical spills, granulates
  • The bin is available for different hazard levels and UN-classifications, e.g. UN 3088 or UN 3175 (collection of paint cans in connection with firm absorbent fabric (e.g. fleece) and tightly closed bags)
  • Patented lid with sealing system, light- and air-tight, particularly secure against leaks
  • Simple locking system permits easy manual opening and closing
  • Robust bin of HDPE (macromolecular low-pressure polyethylene)
  • Individual colouration of the bin available upon request
  • Opaque body and lid with various hot print and screen printing versions possible
  • Translucent body for fill level control possible as well
  • Easy transport by large, solid rubber wheels
  • The wheels can be replaced quickly, which permits stacking after cleaning
  • Extremely corrosion-resistant, shock-proof axle of hardened, tempered galvanised steel
  • Ergonomic, asymmetric handle, 30mm diameter for optimum handling
  • Integrated chip nest in the comb for taking up transponder chips facilitates customer-specific evaluation
  • The current regulations must be observed in addition to this.