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Company history

P. HENKEL GmbH was founded as Peter Henkel KG in 1962 and currently has its seat in Kreuztal. The family-owned company has been closely connected to waste management for decades. During this time, it has become popular as an innovative company.

Willy Otto, the grandfather of current managing director Christoph W. Henkel, founded OTTO KG in 1934. He has since been deemed a pioneer in waste management. Most of his life revolved around creating solutions for avoiding, removing and recycling waste.

The company added the business area of sewer items in 1997. It is one of the market leaders in Germany. Since 2002, P. HENKEL GmbH has driven sale of special waste and garbage bins, most of all the MGB with spherical base that was still developed by Willy Otto. The range also includes hazardous waste bins for collecting used fats and food wastes and liquid slops. Additionally, P. HENKEL GmbH offers certified hazardous materials bins. The company now works around the world and is supported by branch offices in many countries.