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As a company in the disposal industry, our core business is to reduce environmental pollution. Our goal is to develop intelligent product solutions that enable an increase in the recycling rate of unavoidable waste. This helps to protect our environment sustainably and effectively. One example is our fat recycling bin “FATBOXX”, which can be used to collect used cooking oils, fats and grease and food wastes and liquid slops. These wastes can be reused, e.g. for production of biodiesel.

Here is an excerpt of our specific projects for environmental protection:

Manufacturing and transport:

  • We manufacture exclusively in Europe and therefore guarantee short transport routes.
  • Our products are stack- and transport-optimised.
  • Our bins can be recycled to a large extent.
  • Some of our products can be manufactured with a high percentage of recycled material.
  • We try to use sustainable products for additional products that we purchase ourselves from suppliers. One example is our absorbent fleece, which is made entirely from recycled material.

Building refurbishment of company headquarters:

  • The windows and the façade of our company building were renewed and energetically renovated.
  • During the renovation of the offices, carpeting made from recycled products was laid.

Business trips and company cars

  • The company car fleet consists to a large extent of electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Short-haul flights were cancelled completely.
  • Unavoidable medium- and long-haul flights are compensated for
    (MyClimate Certificates)

Office supplies, print products

  • We use recycled paper with the blue angel mark and print our brochures on FSC paper with climate-neutral printing process..