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Reliable technology when disposing of cooking fats, oils, food wastes and liquid slops and slaughterhouse wastes and animal by-products

FATBOXX and FATBOXXmax are perfectly new waste bins for disposing of cooking fats, oils, food wastes and liquid slops and slaughterhouse wastes and animal by-products. The special construction of the body and lid offer many benefits for end consumers and waste management companies.

Benefits for the end consumer

  • One special benefit of the FATBOXX and FATBOXXmax is its simple locking system. A single step permits particularly easy closing and opening of the lid.
  • The used fat bin can be filled with fat at temperatures of up to 110 degrees Celsius (230 degrees Fahrenheit) without deforming in the sides.
  • NEW: The new FATBOXXhot can even be filled with oil up to 140°C (284°F)
  • The FATBOXX has large rollers and can be moved very easily in contrast to standard barrels. The bin storage area can be cleaned at any time.
  • - The disposal fat bin is ergonomically designed and can be moved in an upright, healthy posture.
    The large filling diameter makes filling particularly simple.
  • A special construction of the lid permits closing the FATBOXX secure against leaks.
  • Since the FATBOXX and FATBOXX max are made of plastic, they have a low dead weight; therefore, handling is particularly easy both empty and filled.
  • Scaling the disposal bin permits settlement by quantity.

Benefits for the waste management company

  • Thanks to the conical shape of FATBOXX and FATBOXXmax, mechanical or thermal reforming of the content for removal is not necessary. This means that the waste management companies will need less time and therefore also incur lower costs for emptying.
  • The special construction of the lid with only two closures permits opening the FATBOXX and FATBOXXmax easily and quickly without applying great force.
  • The seal, which is secure against leaks, keeps costs low when cleaning the vehicles and the bin storage sites.
  • The large ground clearance due to standardised wheels makes it easier to move over cobblestone or in ice and snow.
  • FATBOXX and FATBOXXmax are produced according to EN 840 and can thus be emptied with any common lifting equipment.
  • The special spherical base shape of the used fat bins prevents deformation of the bin even when filled with hot wastes (up to 110 degrees Celsius/230 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Scaling of the FATBOXX and FATBOXXmax permit quantity-related settlement (optional).
  • The waste bins with their spherical base have no corners and edges and therefore can be emptied particularly easily and without residue.
  • The disposal bins offer outstanding evaluation options for tours and customers with an integrated chip nest in the comb to hold transponder chips.
  • The waste bin has an asymmetrical continuous handle strip with a diameter of 30 mm and is suitable for optimum handling with gloves.
  • This is a smart solution for Used cooking oil container and Used cooking oil bin

Benefits for the environment

  • The disposed cooking fats, oils, food wastes and liquid slops and slaughterhouse wastes and animal by-products can be used to generate many different kinds of bioenergies (e.g. biodiesel and methane).

Technical data

Techn. Data Volume
in liters
in gallons
Wheels (Ø)
in kg (approx.)
Article no.
FATBOXX 120 31 960 498 554 200 11


FATBOXXhot 120 31 960 498 554 200 11


FATBOXXmax 200 52 1045 580 674 200 14 15630200
ISO 9001:2015
 ISO 16949:2016
DIN EN      CE


  • Certified production purs. to ISO 9001 and the strict automotive standard IATF 16949
  • Meets the requirements of DIN EN 840
  • Regular monitoring by independent test institutes
  • CE tested

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