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For years, customers have been using the FATBOXX bin series for collecting used cooking fats and oils as well as food waste and slaughterhouse waste. There are considerable advantages to using the FATBOXX instead of the standard blue barrels which are usually used. One great advantage is the seal, which is secure against leaks and thus prevents liquids or unpleasant odours from being released. What’s more, the FATBOXX is portable, which means that employees of waste management companies can collect the full bins at the customer’s site without having to strain their backs.

P. Henkel has developed the bin series even further: The original 120 L FATBOXX design has been given a wider base, which makes the bin even more stable and sturdy. Apart from this, you can now also easily stack 2 bins on top of one another. We developed two new bin types, FATBOXXhot (120 L) and FATBOXXmax hot (200 L), to enable disposal of even hotter fat (up to 140°C/230°F) in the catering industry. We will also introduce a completely new type of bin with a smaller volume of 60 L. This mini design will be released as the FATBOXXeasy. This bin has been particularly designed for small and mobile kitchens with little available space and it can be quickly pushed under the counter. This new FATBOXX size will replace the conventional 60 L clamping ring barrels.

All FATBOXX bins can be tailored to the customer’s individual design. Depending on the type of bin, we also have translucent designs available in addition to designs made out of recycled materials.

FATBOXX bins collect valuable waste which can be used to produce environmentally-friendly fuel.

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UN-BOXXaero, UN-BOXXaero plus, UN-BOXXmax aero zulässig für UN 1950 Aerosoldosen antistatisch

With the UN-BOXXaero+, P. HENKEL GmbH is now offering a bin to dispose of empty or partially empty aerosols with antistatic properties. The bin is UN-certified and permitted for UN 1950 (the legal requirement to collect empty and partially empty aerosol cans). Thanks to the special surface resistance of 10 to the power of 9, the bin is permanently antistatic, thereby significantly reducing the risk of a sudden discharge. The UN-BOXXaero+ is therefore ideal for disposing of aerosols with special safety requirements, as is often mandatory in industrial buildings. The collection bin is equipped with ventilation openings that allow good air circulation and ventilation, which is also necessary from a safety point of view. You also have the option of choosing a lid with an opening for filling. For safety reasons, a means of absorbing free liquids is required as additional equipment. Thanks to the large wheels on the UN-BOXXaero+, it can be easily moved to where it is needed. Different colours and an individual print design are available depending on the quantity ordered. The bin has a volume of approximately 120 L.

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Pressemitteilung unboxx-aero antistatisch

Our waste bin FATBOXX was published in WasteAdvantage Magazine in March 2018.

You will find the article here:

P. HENKEL GmbH presents new size of the MGB with spherical base

The product family MGB with spherical base is growing. The two classical sizes 120l and 240l, which have long been established on the market, will continue to be available. They are supplemented by the MGB-200-KB with a volume of 200l. Like all MGB bins with spherical base, the bin has no corners and edges inside, can be cleaned easily and is therefore particularly hygienic. The optimised centre of gravity for easy manoeuvrability makes the bin easy to tip even when filled. It is therefore perfectly coordinated with the work protection provisions. The new MGB-200-KB will be presented at IFAT 2016 in Munich for the first time. The bin has been developed for everyone who finds size 240l too heavy when full but won't have enough volume in the 120l-size. The new interim size is perfect for food wastes and liquid slops, fruit and vegetables, as well as bread and pastries.

Optionally, the bin can be equipped with the particularly stable and easily movable BigFootWheels.

P. HENKEL GmbH expands the product family of hazardous materials bins by the UN-BOXXmax, ClinicBOXXmax, UN-BOXXaero and UN-BOXXmaxAero.

To protect our environment, more and more special solutions for hazardous waste disposal are in demand. For this reason, P. HENKEL GmbH has enlarged the product range by its hazardous materials bins and now offers not only the UN-BOXX and ClinicBOXX bins with a volume of 120 litres but also the larger UN-BOXXmax and ClinicBOXXmax. These new bins have a nominal volume of 200l.

All containers for hazardous materials are UN-approved and therefore are officially approved for collecting and storing hazardous materials of packaging groups I (X), II (Y) and III (Z). They are also approved for transports according to ADR. This makes the UN-BOXX optimal for collection of materials, used cleaning rags and wipes, paint residues as well as flammable materials and those harmful to the environment.

A patented lid with a sealing system makes the bins light and air tight and particularly secure against leaks. Apart from this, handling is very user-friendly, since a special closure system makes opening and closing particularly easy. Additionally, UN-BOXX and ClinicBOXX as well as their larger siblings can easily be moved on rollers, so that difficult lifting or carting of often-used heavy barrels is not required. At 11 kg for the small sizes and 14 kg for UN-BOXXmax and ClinicBOXXmax, the new bins are rather light as compared to the standard barrels or bins.

The market introduction of UN-BOXXaero and UN-BOXXmaxAero is also all-new. They are perfectly novel bins to collect empty and partially empty aerosols in. These bins are approved as packaging in accordance with the packing instruction P207 according to the special provisions for packaging PP 87; special provisions 327, 625, 190 and 344 must be observed. Since they also have rollers, the bins can be transported quickly and flexibly. With two sizes to choose from at a minimal volume of as little as 120l and of 200l, P. HENKEL GmbH offers entirely new bin types for this segment.